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Chinese Festival Open Concludes Intense Itinerary for World Hopes Team in New Jersey
By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Victor Liu, a member of the ITTF World Hopes Team, was an event winner in New Jersey  Photo By: Courtesy of Zita Pidl


The New Jersey "Chinese Festival" Open 2013, organised at the Lily Yip Table Tennis Center followed by a specially organised competition amongst the members of the ITTF World Hopes Team brought two weeks of intense activity to a close on Sunday 18th August.

It was two weeks that combined both training and a tournament play, proving invaluable for the aspiring young players, who had made the journey to the north east of the United States.

An all-encompassing tournament for a wide range of abilities, the New Jersey "Chinese Festival" Open 2013 witnessed an overall ten events staged on one day, a quite daunting logistical exercise faced the organisers.

Played in Three Events
“Our players played in three of the events”, explained Zita Pidl, the Manager of the ITTF World Hopes Team. “The boys played the Open event, the under 2400 rating event and the Under 15 event; the girls played Under 2400, Under 2200 and Under 15 event.”

It was a challenge for all.

A Tough Day
“There was no separate event for girls, everything was for everybody”, continued Zita Pidl. “Saturday was a very tough day for all, especially for boys, most of them played 20 matches, all best of five games.”

A total of 20 matches now that is some schedule, although it has been known in the past and has been achieved by a member of the International Table Tennis Federation.

Equalled by ITTF Competition Manager
Didier Leroy, the ITTF Competition Manager who was the man at the helm for the Liebherr World Championships earlier this year, played at least 20 matches at the Kent Junior Open in Folkestone when eligible for the Under 13 events.

Folkestone is in the south east of England, crossing the English Channel from Belgium is no great distance.

Tyrannical Coach
The tyrannical coach on duty, who made Didier Leroy play so many matches in one day, was a certain André Damman, now a member of the ITTF President’s Advisory Council.

At the time, André Damman was no doubt satisfied with the efforts of his charge as was the modern day martinet, Dejan Papic the Head Coach of the ITTF World Hopes.

Fight and Good Attitude
Alongside Zita Pidl, the two had instilled the concept of "fight and right attitude" the ideal of the ITTF World Hopes Team.

“In the Round Robin tournament for members of the ITTF World Hopes Team, second third and fourth places were almost equal”, said Zita Pidl. “The main thing is that all players fought and showed high level table tennis, especially boys.”

More Advanced
What was the difference?

“Most of these boys are already very good players with excellent strokes and technique”, explained Zita Pidl “Most of the girls in this group are solid players but have not so advanced technique as yet.”

Best Generation
Nevertheless, all impressed.

“Dejan and myself agree that this generation of World Hopes Team players is probably better than our 2009 generation was four years ago”, concluded Zita Pidl. “We believe we'll hear about their good results in the near future for sure; not only did the players fulfil all demands, the results were most promising.”

Full Result visit: and on the drop down menu click on 2013/08/17 – NJ Chinese Festival Open 2013.

Foundation for Global Sports Development
The ITTF World Hopes Team is supported by the Foundation for Global Sports Development an organisation which supports sporting activities for young people throughout the world with the emphasis being very much directed towards fair play and education.



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