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Kosovo Welcomes Thomas Bach, President of International Olympic Committee


Situated in south east Europe and declared independent in February 2008, the Table Tennis Federation of Kosovo recently welcomed Thomas Bach, the President of the International Olympic Committee.

Notably, as some eight months earlier at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games, Thomas Bach was very quick to put theory into practice and exercise his skills on the table.

Left hand and as in Nanjing, he displayed a preference for staying close to table; certainly no mean player.

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Table Tennis Tactics for Thinkers, Now Available in French


English and French are the two official languages of the Olympic Games.

Therefore, it is fitting that Table Tennis for Thinkers published two years ago in English, is now available in French.

The French title is "Tactiques de Tennis de Table pour Pongistes Penseurs". It is available in paperback or in kindle.

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Nittaku ITTF Monthly Pongcast: Record Breaking Month


The month of March 2015 will always belong to Japanís Mima Ito; the youngest ever player to win a Womenís Singles title on the ITTF World Tour, when she succeeded at the GAC Group 2015 ITTF World Tour German Open in Bremen.

She hit the headlines but she was not the only player to attract the attention in what was another period full of activity.

Another busy month, it is reflected in the Nittaku Monthly Pongcast for March .

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New Status for Aspiring Teenagers, Mima Ito and Doo Hoi Kem Climb Rankings


Winner of the Womenís Singles title, in quite sensational style, at the recent GAC Group 2015 ITTF World Tour German Open, Japanís Mima Ito once again attracts the attention.

On the Womenís World Rankings issued by the International Table Tennis Federation on Wednesday 1st April, she climbs from no.30 to no.15 and thus enjoys the highest status of her career; her previous best being no.34 earlier this year in February.

The youngest player ever to attain such status; that privilege still belongs to Chinaís Guo Yue.

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Ma Long Retains Top Billing, Timo Boll Returns to World Order


Elevated to top spot in March, Chinaís Ma Long retains his no.1 billing on the Menís World Rankings issued by the International Table Tennis Federation on Wednesday 1st April.

It is the 32nd occasion, when the monthly listings have been issued, that the 26 year old has been ahead of the field; he first rose to the elevated position in January 2010.

He remains one place ahead of colleague Xu Xin, his predecessor in top spot, as China continues to occupy the top four places; Zhang Jike climbs one position to no.3 changing places with Fan Zhendong who is now at no.4.

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Ask A Pro Anything: JŲrgen Persson Interviews Dimitrij Ovtcharov


Winner earlier in the year of the ITTF-Europe Top 16 in Baku, Germanyís Dimitrij Ovtcharov is the latest subject in the ďAsk A Pro AnythingĒ series, the questions ranging from the amusing to the serious.

High on the agenda for the German star is s the forthcoming QOROS World Championships which start in Suzhou on Sunday 26th April.

Silver medals in the World Team Championships in Moscow, Dortmund and Germany have come his way but to date a similar outcome has not materialized in the Menís Singles event.

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New Status for Champions in Spain, Maharu Yoshimura and Jeon Jihee Climb Standings


Success in the respective Menís Singles and Womenís Singles events at the recently concluded GAC Group 2015 ITTF World Tour Spanish Open sees Japanís Maharu Yoshimura and Koreaís Jeon Jihee climb the listings, following the conclusion of proceedings in Almeria.

Maharu Yoshimura enters the order of merit, having on his one previous appearance departed in the qualification stages, when beaten in the concluding preliminary round in Germany by Qatarís Li Ping. He appears at no.10 on the Menís Singles Standings (200 points).

A highly rated position for Maharu Yoshimura, it is even higher for Jeon Jihee; she advances from no.20 to no.8 (300 points).

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Ma Long on Top of the World, Meteoric Rise for Mima Ito


Success in Bremen on Sunday 22nd March means that Chinaís Ma Long not only occupies top spot on the Menís World Ranking, also he occupies top spot on the GAC Group 2015 ITTF World Tour Menís Singles Standing.

He climbs one place to head the list (1,000 points), changing positions with Vladimir Samsonov of Belarus, who is now in second spot (625 points).

At the recently concluded GAC Group 2015 ITTF World Tour German Open, Vladimir Samsonov was beaten narrowly at the quarter-final stage by Chinaís Zhang Jike.

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One Year in Second Place, Ma Long Returns to Top of World Rankings


Crowned Menís Singles champion at the GAC Group 2015 ITTF World Tour Kuwait Open just under three weeks ago, after a period of one year in second place behind Chinese National Team compatriot, Xu Xin, the 26 year old returns to the pinnacle.

He is named in the no.1 spot on the Menís World Rankings issued on Thursday 5th March and thus regains the position he last held in February 2014.

It is the 31st time, since he first secured the prestigious position in January 2010, that Ma Long has occupied the top spot.

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