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Perfect 2016 World Team Championships: Media Accreditation Now Open

 11/27/2015       World Team Table Tennis Championships

Media accreditation is now open for the Perfect 2016 World Team Championships to be staged in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Sunday 28th February to Sunday 6th March.

Venue for the whole proceedings is the Malawati Stadium in Shah Alam, Greater Kuala Lumpur; all events will be staged in the complex.

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National Television for Bruna Takahashi Following Sharm El-Sheikh Success


Winner of the Girls’ Singles title at the recent 2015 ITTF World Cadet Challenge, Bruna Takahashi has been very much the focus of attention in her native Brazil following her success in the Egyptian city of Sharm El-Sheikh.

Recently on Sunday 8th November, she was featured on the prime time Fantastico – O Show da Vida – the Life Show broadcast by TV Globo, the biggest station in the country.

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Highest Career Status, Warsaw Finalists Rewarded on Latest World Rankings


Finalists at the recently concluded GAC Group 2015 ITTF World Tour Polish Open in Warsaw, China’s Fan Zhendong the victor and Austria’s Stefan Fegerl the runner up, are both rewarded for the efforts on the Men’s World Rankings issued by the International Table Tennis Federation on Monday 2nd November.

Fan Zhendong advances one place to no.2 and thus equals the previous best of his career. It is a position he held in September and October 2014.

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Women’s World Cup Winner, Liu Shiwen Regains Top Spot


Successful in Sendai, winner of the 2015 Women’s World Cup, China’s Liu Shiwen regains the no.1 spot on the Women’s World Ranking; on the listing issued by the International Table Tennis Federation on Monday 2nd November, she replaces compatriot, Ding Ning, at the top of the order.

Ding Ning, who held first place since October 2014 when she dislodged Liu Shiwen, falls to no.3; her lowest position four over four years; the last time she was third on the list was in September 2011.

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Compensation for Li Jie and Ai Fukuhara, New World Status


Defeat in the final of the Women’s Singles event at the Liebherr 2015 ITTF-European Championships for Li Jie of the Netherlands, for Japan’s Ai Fukuhara, a quarter-final exit at the Suzuki 2015 ITTF-Asian Championships; disappointment for both players but there is a degree of consolation.

Both enjoy their highest ever positions on the Women’s World Rankings; on the listings issued on Thursday 8th October, Li Jie climbs from no.22 to no.14; Ai Fukuhara from no.6 to no.4.

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Higher and Higher, Meteoric Rise of Yuya Oshima Continues


One year ago he was listed at no.138; one month ago he was at no.60. Now on the Men’s World Rankings, issued on Wednesday 2nd September, he stands at no.22.

Such is the meteoric progress of Japan’s Yuya Oshima, the player who just under one month ago excelled all expectations to reach the semi-final stage of the Men’s Singles event at the GAC Group 2015 ITTF World Tour China Open in Chengdu.

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Timo Boll, from Talent to Star, Now Two Decades since First European Title


Graduating making the step from being a promising junior player to becoming established in the senior ranks; it is a gap that some cannot traverse, others progress but maybe never achieve the potential once believed to have been harboured within their bodies.

The comparatively few traverse the crater and then progress to greater levels, some to the greatest of heights; those who do make the climb in the majority make the climb quickly.

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Portuguese Capital City the Host, ITTF Star Awards Evening Set for Lisbon


Lisbon the capital city of Portugal will be the home for the 2015 ITTF Star Awards, the prestigious gathering will be staged on Wednesday 9th December, immediately prior to the GAC Group ITTF World Grand Finals.

It will be the third time that the event has been staged; the first being in Dubai in January 2014. Venue for the latest edition will be the historic Patio de Gale in Lisbon, affording the opportunity for the world’s leading table tennis players change shirts and shorts for a touch of elegance.

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Champion in Korea, Ai Fukuhara Reaches Best Ever Status of Three Years Earlier


Gold medallist in Incheon at the GAC Group 2015 ITTF World Korean Open in July; Japan’s Ai Fukuhara moves from no.9 to no.6 on the Women’s World Rankings issued on Saturday 8th August; in so doing she equals the best ever status of her career.

She reached the same position in August, September and December 2012; the effect of her climb is that Singapore’s Feng Tianwei alongside the Chinese duo of Chen Meng and Wu Yang each drop one place.

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