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The Spirit of Pong, Fictional Character Travels to Learn Chinese Secrets


Written by Larry Hodges of the United States The Spirit of Pong is a table tennis novel which features an American who travels to China to learn the secrets of table tennis.

The fictional character, Andy ‘Shoes’ Blue, practises and learns from past champions who have become legendary names.

A comparatively short novel, exactly 100 pages long; a total of 14 chapters, the publication is available at Amazon in print and Kindle versions.

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Lisbon to Host GAC Group 2015 World Tour Grand Finals


Home for the TMS 2014 European Championships, the Portuguese capital city of Lisbon will host the GAC Group 2015 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals.

The tournament will be staged from Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th December; furthermore, the event will be organized alongside the third edition of the ITTF Star Awards, a gala dinner to celebrate the achievements of the world’s leading players.

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From Spa to Suzhou, Enjoy the Nittaku Monthly Pongcast for April


China’s Ma Long standing proudly on the top step of the podium at the Qoros World Championships in Suzhou on Sunday 3rd May announced the start of the month; the tournament which had started one week earlier also brought the month of April to a conclusion.

It was a month that started in the town of Spa with the Belgium Junior and Cadet Open; it was a month that ended with Ma Long achieving his goal; the drama is captured in the Nittaku Monthly Pongcast for April.

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Most Followed Table Tennis Event Ever, the QOROS World Championships


Staged from Sunday 26th April to Sunday 3rd May in the Chinese city of Suzhou, the Qoros 2015 World Championships is officially the most followed table tennis event in history.

The biggest table tennis event on planet earth was followed by an estimated 450 million people across the globe, a record. No less than 330 million people watched proceedings on television in 170 countries across the world.

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Making You Happy and Healthy, the Canadian Chinese Table Tennis Association


Intense action in the Atos Markham Pan Am/Para Pan Am Center in Markham at the 2015 Canadian Junior and Cadet Open on the morning of Tuesday 12th May; not far distant, a ten minute drive away there is equally a feast of activity but with a very different age group in action.

Veteran players by the score ply their skills at the Canadian Chinese Table Tennis Center; an organisation masterminded by Harvey Fung, a 68 year old retired businessman who has great ambitions for his organisation.

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Quality Counts, Point of Century Underlines Chinese Excellence

 05/05/2015       World Table Tennis Championships

Years, months, weeks, days and hours of preparation, eight days of action and then it was all over; the QOROS World Championships concluded in Suzhou on Sunday 3rd May with the contest between Ma Long and Fang Bo bringing matters to an end.

An all-Chinese final but did that matter? We were royally entertained with one moment, one point standing out above all others. The Point of the Century which saw Fang Bo take a 12-11 lead in the fifth game when trailing by three games to one and bring the crowd to its feet.

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Ma Long Retains Top Position, New Heights for Fang Bo


Winner of the Men’s Singles title at the recently concluded QOROS World Championships, China’s Ma Long retains the no.1 spot on the Men’s World Rankings published by the International Table Tennis Federation, immediately following the conclusion of proceedings in Suzhou on Sunday 3rd May.

It is the 33rd time, when the monthly listings have been issued by the International Table Tennis Federation that his name has appeared at the head of the order of merit.

However the player to make the most significant progress is the player who Ma Long beat in the Men’s Singles final in Suzhou.

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Ding Ning Retains Top Spot, Mima Ito Becomes Youngest Ever to Reach Top Twelve


Elevated to the no.1 spot in November 2011, a position she regained eight months ago in October 2014, China’s Ding Ning once again heads the Women’s World Rankings.

She is listed at no.1, following the conclusion of proceedings in the QOROS 2015 World Championships in Suzhou on Sunday 3rd May; a tournament where she gained the admiration of all by winning the Women’s Singles event, despite suffering an ankle injury as the contest against colleague Liu Shiwen reached its climax.

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Table Tennis Tactics for Thinkers, Now Available in French


English and French are the two official languages of the Olympic Games.

Therefore, it is fitting that Table Tennis for Thinkers published two years ago in English, is now available in French.

The French title is "Tactiques de Tennis de Table pour Pongistes Penseurs". It is available in paperback or in kindle.

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