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Ask a Pro Anything: The Dancing Queen Not Only in the Playing Arena


Need a lesson in footwork, there is nobody better to study than Koreaís Seo Hyowon; she is the Dancing Queen of the table tennis world, a fact she proves in more ways than one in ďAsk a Pro AnythingĒ

The 27 year is the latest to be featured in the series compered by Adam Bobrow, with Joo Saehyuk acting in the role of interpreter.

Light hearted questions are the order of the day for the player who is rather different from those from native country or from the continent of Asia.

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GAC Group 2015 ITTF World Tour German Open, Media Accreditation Open

 02/18/2015       ITTF World Tour, German Open (Super)

Media accreditation is now open for the forthcoming GAC Group 2015 ITTF World Tour German Open to be staged in Bremen from Wednesday 18th to Sunday 22nd March.

A Super Series tournament, an overall prize fund of US$ 220,000 is on offer, with the winners of each of the Menís Singles and Womenís Singles events collecting US$ 26,000.

Understandably, as it is an event which has gained a high class reputation over the years, a large and impressive entry has been received.

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Forehand Repetition, Time and Time Again, is Ma Long a Robot?


A forehand that just repeated and repeated and repeated; it was the principal weapon that has brought success for Ma Long over the years and it was the principal weapon that brought success for the 26 year old Chinese star in the Menís Singles event at the GAC Group 2015 ITTF World Tour Kuwait Open which concluded on Sunday 15th February.

The forehand was repeated with robotic regularity but does that suggest Ma Long is a robot?

It was one of the questions put to the Chinese star by Adam Bobrow in the new series entitled: Ask A Pro Anything.

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Xu Xin Marks One Year in Top Spot, New Status for Robert Gardos


Ascendancy to the very heights on the Menís World Ranking list in March 2014; Chinaís Xu Xin completes one year in pole position.

He is listed at no.1 on the Menís World Rankings issued by the International Table Tennis Federation on Saturday 7th February. Top spot for Xu Xin but the top attraction is Robert Gardos.

The man who led Austria to a silver medal finish at the World Team Cup in Dubai in January, climbs from no.27 to no.20 to enjoy his highest ever global status; his previous best was no.24 in November 2014.

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Success in Hungary, New Heights for Misako Wakamiya


Japanís Misako Wakamiya, the winner of the Womenís Singles title at the recently completed GAC Group 2015 ITTF World Tour Hungary Open, is the player to make the most startling rise in the higher echelons of the Womenís World Rankings.

On the listings issued by the International Table Tennis Federation on Saturday 7th February, which are once again headed by Chinaís Ding Ning, she climbs from no.44 to no.24.

It is the highest status of her career; her previous best being no.29 in August 2014.

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Unparalleled Year Dawns, Over $3,5000,000 on Offer for World Stars


An unprecedented total of over US$3,500,000 is on offer for the leading players on planet earth in 2015; the sum sets new standards.

The GAC 2015 ITTF World Tour has a record total purse of US$3,000,000; impressive.

Add the recent World Team Cup in Dubai where US$ 270,000 was on offer,a further US$ 3,000 for the Menís World Cup and the Womenís World Cup to be staged later in the year and the total establishes new heights.

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QOROS 2015 World Championships: Media Accreditation Now Open

 01/23/2015       World Table Tennis Championships

Media accreditation for forthcoming QOROS 2015 World Championships is now open.

Staged in the Chinese city of Suzhou at the International Expo Centre, proceedings commence on Sunday 26th April and conclude on Sunday 3rd May.

Media interest is expected to exceed the 600 accredited personnel who attended the ZEN-NOH 2014 World Team Table Tennis Championships in Tokyo, Japan; thus a rapid response is recommended as places will be limited.

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World Leaders Meet Again, Matters of State but Return Match Tops Agenda


A gap of almost four years but before discussions of high national and international importance started, there was one more urgent matter on the agenda between two of the worldís leading statesman.

The priority for Barack Obama, the President of the United States and David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, was to play table tennis.

On Friday 16th January the two world leaders met in the Oval Office of the White House; of prime importance was to keep the ethos of sport as a unifying force alive.

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Golden Moments from the World Team Cup in Dubai Ė The DHS Top Ten

 01/15/2015       World Team Cup

The history books now read that China retained their Menís and Womenís titles at the 2015 World Team Cup which concluded in Dubai on Sunday 11th January.

It was a result as predicted, China occupied the top seeded place in both events; their status made them hot favourites but there were surprises. As always, there were moments to remember.

Relive the golden moments of Dubai in the DHS Top 10 - 2015 World Team Cup .

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