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Latest Husband and Wife Partnership Featured on BT Sport


Husband and wife competing successfully on the internationally stage; perhaps few can compare with the achievements of Eberhard and Diane Schöler, who are currently intensely focused on the organisation of the impending World Veteran Championships in Auckland, New Zealand.

Also there are such unisons as Didier and Fiona Mommessin, there many more.

Diane Schöler is the former Diane Rowe who with twin sister Rosalind became World Doubles champions, whilst Fiona Mommessin represented England in more recent times under her maiden name, Fiona Elliot.

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Voice of Table Tennis Named, Adam Bobrow the Successful Candidate


Adam Bobrow from the United States has been named as the winner of Voice of Table Tennis 2.0.

A splendid prize awaits the American. He receives a trip to the Japanese capital city of Tokyo to attend the forthcoming ZEN-NOH 2014 World Championships; the prestigious event commences on Monday 28th April and conclude on Monday 5th May.

He will be invited to commentate on proceedings in Tokyo and as a result of his efforts may be invited to cover further events in the future on behalf of the International Table Tennis Federation.

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Short List Announced for Next Voice of Table Tennis


Seeking the next voice of table tennis; the quest has been narrowed to three candidates; the names in question are: Adam Bobrow, Barbara Wei and David Wetherill.

Not only will we hear the dulcet tones of one of the trio as they describe the crucial moments of tension packed contests; also the chosen one will receive an invitation to Tokyo, an invitation to attend the forthcoming ZEN-NOH 2014 World Team Championships

Furthermore the decision is in your hands: Vote here for the Voice of Table Tennis.

Voting closes on Monday 14th April.

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Magical, Mercurial March; Mengel, Mima, Miu Made Magdeburg Memorable


See you in Tokyo, see you at the ZEN-NOH World Team Championships; undoubtedly a tension packed event awaits but for shocks, surprises and breath taking moments will it match the recently concluded GAC Group 2014 ITTF World Tour German Open?

Staged in Magdeburg, the tournament was one of the most sensational in the history of the concept; one which dates back to 1996; it is now the 19th year.

The incredible happenings in Magdeburg and other memorable events are all included in the Monthly Pongcast for March .

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Victory in Magdeburg, Dimitrij Ovtcharov Gains New World Status


Winner of the Men’s Singles title on home soil at the GAC Group 2014 ITTF World Tour German Open, Dimitrij Ovtcharov is the player to make the most significant climb in the higher echelons of the Men’s World Rankings.

The 25 year old is named at no.4 on the lists issued by the International Table Tennis Federation on Friday 4th April 2014; he climbs two places and in so doing occupies the highest status of his career.

He moves ahead of China’s Zhang Jike and Wang Hao; each fall one place. Zhang Jike is now at no.5, Wang Hao at no.6; colleagues Xu Xin, Ma Long and Fan Zhendong continue to command the top three places respectively.

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Major Progress for Lee Ho Ching and Shan Xiaona, Now Amongst Elite Names


Quarter-finalist in the recent GAC Group 2014 ITTF World Tour German Open in Magdeburg and increasingly a pivotal player in the Hong Kong Women’s Team; Lee Ho Ching alongside Germany’s Shan Xiaona makes the most significant climb in the higher echelons of the Women’s World Rankings.

On the listing issued by the International Table Tennis Federation on Friday 4th April, Lee Ho Ching and Shan Xiaona both enter the top 20 names for the very first times in their careers.

Previously at no.22, Lee Ho Ching appears at no.14; Shan Xiaona, the winner of the Women’s Singles event in Magdeburg makes an even greater climb. She moves from no.41 to no.19.

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The Road to Rio de Janeiro, the 2016 Olympic Games, Starts in Baku

 03/25/2014       Olympic Games

Baku, the capital and largest city in Azerbaijan, is where the road to the table tennis events at the 2016 Olympic Games, to be staged in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, begins.

The inaugural European Games will be held in Baku in June 2015; the winners of the respective Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles events will qualify for the Rio Games.

Table tennis made its debut in the Olympic Games in 1988 in Seoul; after the successful London Games, table tennis was promoted in the group review system administered by the International Olympic Committee; now only eight Summer Olympic sports are ahead of table tennis.

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Skills of Four Decades Ago, Diplomatic First Lady Plays Table Tennis on Beijing Visit


On Saturday 10th April 1971, following an invitation from China received at the World Championships in Nagoya; the American Table Tennis Team and accompanying journalists visited China.

They became the first American delegation to enter the Chinese capital since 1949. “Ping Pong Diplomacy” was born and now over four decades; judging by the reaction of the media, it would seem that thanks to the First Lady of the United States, “Ping Pong Diplomacy” is alive and well.

On Friday 21st March 2014, Michelle Obama, accompanied by her daughters, Malia and Sasha, in addition to her mother, Marian Robinson visited a notable Beijing School where they were welcomed by President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan.

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ZEN-NOH 2014 World Team Championships Media Accreditation Extended


The media accreditation application deadline for the forthcoming ZEN-NOH 2014 World Team Championships, to be staged in the Yoyogi Gymnasium and Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium from Monday 28th April to Monday 5th May, has been extended

Recently, the closing date for applications was reviwed. It is now Thursday 27th March.

Notably media accreditations have already exceeded previous numbers; thus applications should not be delayed.

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