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Soo Yeon Lee First Team Choice for Los Angeles Celebrity Tournament
By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Soo Yeon Lee waiting for your call  Photo By: Courtesy of Spin New York


You are the team captain, your budget is US$10,000 and you need one more player to complete the line-up; choose Soo Yeon Lee.

It’s not a dream, it is reality, it is possible; she is one of the celebrities who will be taking part in the inaugural Smash Celebrity Ping Pong Tournament to be staged at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday 23rd June 2012.

The tournament is being staged to increase awareness and raise funds for children’s cancer research, treatment and care.

Click here to register on line as a Team Captain and invite two friends to join your team and don't forget Soo Yeon Lee!

Fund Raise
You pay a team registration fee of US$50 and you fundraise US$3,500 for the cause; in addition to your selection a celebrity joins your team and if you can raise US$10,000 you can choose your celebrity team member.

My recommendation is Soo Yeon Lee, not just because she is stunningly attractive and will put off any male opponent, who may be dazzled by her charms but because she is a fine table tennis player.

She is a player of international calibre.

Started in Busan
“I started playing table tennis when I was nine years old in Busan in South Korea; after a couple years I began extensive training in Seoul with the Korean Junior National Team under the direction of Lee Ailesa”, explained Soo Yeon Lee. “She was member of Korean team in 1973 that won the World Table Tennis Championships in Sarajevo.”

National Champion
The coaching clearly paid dividends.

She won no less than six titles at the Korean National Junior Championships and joined the very successful Korean Racing Team where Hyun Jung Hwa, the 1993 World champion and gold medallist in the Women’s Doubles event with Yang Young Ja, was the coach.

Universities Champion
Now perhaps you are starting to understand why Soo Yeon Lee might be a very good team member and there is more!

She played at the Korea National Sport University under the direction of Ahn Jae Hyun, a renowned Korean international, she won four titles at the Korean University Championships and was a member of the Korean silver medal winning team at the 2000 World University Championships in Shanghai.

Moved to New Zealand and United States
Later she moved to New Zealand, where she won the Women’s Singles title at the National Championships in 2004, before travelling to the United States where more success followed.

She won the Cary Open and San Diego Open Women’s Singles titles in 2008, in addition to the Killerspin Invitational Tournament in Chicago the following year.

Spin New York
“I don't compete any more but I travel all over the world to do table tennis exhibitions for different events, charities, corporate events, acting, high fashion and modelling”, explained Soo Yeon Lee. “Also, I work for Spin New York as the face of the club for promotion.”

Soo Yeon Lee was on duty for Spin New York at the Volkswagen Challenge in Shanghai last year; technically very correct, the coaching received in teenage years evident.

Caring Nature
A stylish table tennis player but there is much more to Soo Yeon Lee than being most attractive and a fine athlete.

Above all else, she is a very caring person and is one of several celebrities more than willing to support the Smash Celebrity Ping Pong Tournament

“I was contact by Patricia Eadie, the Director of Foundation”, said Soo Yeon Lee. “I was really touched by this foundation so I started to volunteer and help this rally for kids foundation.”

Furthermore, she has not been slow to act.

Attracted Sponsor
“I contacted HBO to sponsor this smash event”, continued Soo Yeon Lee: HBO being, Home Box Office, an American premium cable television network.

“There is sponsorship package and if it was not a possibility, they would consider signing up a team and utilizing the spots in the team as an employee incentive programme”, explained Soo Yeon Lee

Once you sign up you receive full details of the sponsorship package plus the necessary details of the competition for what promises to be an unforgettable event.

Fun Night
“Not only is this a charitable event supporting two very worthwhile charities, Stand up to Cancer and the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, it will also be a very fun night featuring celebrities, VIP booths, live entertainment and of course ping pong!”, concluded Soo Yeon Lee.

So, need a member for your team in the support of an excellent cause?

Sign Up
Sign up by visiting enjoy a night to remember help young people fight cancer.

Soo Yeon Lee will be there; follow her example.

For Participant, Sponsorship inquiries or Gift in Kind donations contact:

Patricia Eadie - Solutions with Impact
Tel: +1 416-703-5371 ext 228


Sarah Jacobs - Solutions with Impact
Tel: +1 416-703-5371 ext 221



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