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Have Fun, Keep Fit, Make Friends, Aerobic Table Tennis Website Launched
By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Iulia Necula is the face of Areobic Table Tennis  Photo By: Pablo Rubio


Endorsed by Iulia Necula, who represented Romania at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Aerobic Table Tennis is quickly gaining global status.

Initiated by Steve Rowe in the north west of England, the town of Wigan in Greater Manchester very much being the birthplace; the goal is to entice more girls to the sport of table tennis.

Based on the theory that girls are attracted to Aerobics to burn off calories, the programme is based on movements involving those required for table tennis.

Open to All
It has even attracted the boys; the concept underlining a major feature of the sport, anyone can take part in Aerobic table tennis.

No previous experience is necessary and all ages can be involved.

Universal Appeal
The ideal has a universal appeal and thanks to the enthusiasm of Steve Rowe, that appeal is growing, fact that was seen recently in Wales.

Over 600 hundred girls attended a session organised by the prinicipality’s leading player, Ryan Jenkins.

Now, Steve Rowe is spreading the message; he has opened a dedicated website for Aerobic Table Tennis.

Ladies, visit: become involved, burn off the calories, make friends and learn table tennis!

Courtesy of Steve Rowe



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