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Excited and Ready for Hard Work, ITTF Hopes Team Meets at Lily Yip Center
By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Hungary's Marta Nagypal, a member of the ITTF World Hopes Team present at the Lily Yip Center  Photo By: Courtesy of Werner Schlager Academy


Selected, following the recent ITTF Hopes Week and Challenge for players born in 2001 and 2002, staged at the Werner Schlager Academy from Monday 10th to Sunday 16th June 2013, the ITTF World Hopes Team was announced.

Now, ten of those players are attending a Training Camp at the Lily Yip Traning Center, in New Jersey under the direction of Dejan Papic, the Head Coach of the ITTF World Hopes Team.

Training commenced on Monday 5th August and will conclude with a tournament on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th August.

Composition of Group
The group comprises four girls in the guise of Hungary’s Marta Nagypal, Malaysia’s Loh Qiao Ni, Montenegro’s Ivana Petric and Guatemala’s Lucia Cordero. Four girls and there are six boys on duty.

Present are Thailand’s Yanapong Panagitgun, Sweden’s Truls Moregardh, New Zealand’s Zhao Yanglun, Brazil’s Rafael Torino, Tunisia’s Boubaker Bourass and Victor Liu from the United States.

Supported by Road to Nanjing Project
Also present is Chelsea Edghill from Guyana.

“She is supported within the framework of the ITTF "Road to Nanjing" project and will continue from here to Vancouver for the Canadian Junior and Cadet Open”, explained Zita Pidl, the ITTF World Hopes Team Manager.

Canadian Junior and Cadet Open
The Canadian Junior and Cadet Open will be staged in Vancouver from Thursday 29th August to Sunday 1st September 2013.

The Brains Trust: Lily Yip left and Dejan Papic right plan the forthcoming tasks
Photo courtesy of Zita Pidl

Down to Action
However, that is for the future; for now it is all action.

“In each practice session five practice partners will join us from the Center, so all together 16 players fill the hall every day”, explained Zita Pidl. “Everybody is excited and ready for hard work.”

Once Again Supported by Butterfly
A successful start for a successful project once against supported, as in the past, by Butterfly.

The Lily Yip Training Center in New Jersey, the home for the ITTF World Hopes Team
Photo courtesy of Zita Pidl

Foundation for Global Sports Development
The ITTF World Hopes Team is supported by the Foundation for Global Sports Development an organisation which supports sporting activities for young people throughout the world with the emphasis being very much directed towards fair play and education.



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