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Once Again New Jersey’s Lily Yip Center the Focus for International Gathering
By: Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Ariel Hsing is one of the notable names attending the Training Camp  Photo By: Thorsten Gohl


Home for the ITTF World Hopes Team earlier this year in August, the Lily Yip Training Center in New Jersey is once again been a hive of activity.

Organised by the North American Table Tennis Union, a Training Camp commenced at the ITTF Hot Spot centre on Saturday 23rd November; a six day gathering proceedings will conclude on Sunday 28th November 2013.

Furthermore, it was very much an international experience with players from Canada, China and New Zealand participating, in addition to players from the host nation, the United States of America.

Canada and China Represented
Four Canadian cadet girls were present in the guise of Justina Yeung, Jiabao Liu, Jane Yan and Natasha Carr-Harris.

In addition there were three boys and three girls from the Chinese Provincial Team in Shandong - Wen Guo, Hua Yang Gao, Chuang Wei Fan, Yuanyuan Shang, Nuo Xu and An Qi Li - in addition to two men from New Zealand.

Players from United States
Meanwhile from the United States many of the country’s leading junior and cadet players attended.

Present were: Adam Hugh, Zhang Chun Da, Liu Qian De, Cory Eider, Ariel Hsing, Judy Hugh, Mendy Wong, Shirley Hu, Tina Lin and Leslie Liu.

The Itinerary
A total of eight training sessions plus a range of social activities were staged with everyone responding in a most enthusiastic manner.

Ideal Preparation
Certainly, it was a perfect event for the players to prepare for the North American Team Championships in Washington which immediately follows the Training Camp.

A motivated group of players at the Lily Yip Training Center in New Jersey
Photo by Maxime Surprenant



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